Solar Energy

We aim to keep abreast of the latest technology and installation procedures. Solar heating for domestic hot water is the fastest growing renewable technology across Europe and can provide around 50 -60% of annual hot water requirements.

Solar Energy provides reduced CO2 emissions and can provide savings on both household gas and oil bills.

We are registered to install both flat panel and evacuated tube collectors and can provide a site visit and detailed quotation at your request.

Evacuated tubes

These solar collectors are manufactured using specially toughened glass and a high selective absorber coating. The tubes have a 10 year guarantee against defects in manufacture and are tested and approved to ENI12975.

Flat Plate

Flat plate collectors consist of a ultrasonically welded copper grid absorber with a high selective absorber coating, toughened thick solar glass and 60mm thick insulation. This is assembled within an aluminium frame and can be mounted in various positions.